Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Judge is legally insane

HuffPo reports on crooked Chicago judges:
A Cook County Circuit Court judge was handily reelected Tuesday a matter of hours before she was due to appear in court for allegedly assaulting a deputy sheriff this spring, an attack her attorney previously blamed on the fact that the judge was "legally insane" at the time. ...

Brim has pleaded not guilty to the charge and has been suspended since her arrest this spring. She has refused to resign.

Brim's attorney James Montgomery said Wednesday that his client has bipolar disorder, a condition she has controlled with medication, but that at the time of the attack she was "legally insane," the Tribune reports.

The Chicago Bar Association previously recommended that voters reject her from the bench and ten of 11 bar associations have given her negative ratings, though the Democratic Party has continued to back her. Nevertheless, Brim will keep her $182,000-a-year post, pending the conclusion of an investigation by the judicial inquiry board.
I guess I have to say that she is innocent until proven guilty on the criminal charge, but I would fire her just for having bipolar disorder. We have high unemployment and the job pays $182k. Can't they find someone more stable for the job?

Would I be seeing my kids if my behavior were so bad that my own lawyer's best excuse was that I was legally insane? Of course not. Shouldn't judges be held to a higher standard? I guess not.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if she was off her medication at the time of the attack. At any rate, IF she is allowed to continue working, maybe she should be on "probation" for awhile to see if her behaviour is stable. Barbara

Anonymous said...

Its Crook County. They get away with murder, but not all the time. There are very good Judges out there though.
Its either about covering up, rewriting cases, after fixing cases at the expense of others lives, if you have a Judge lining his pockets.
But a lot of them are insane & the attorneys before them know it as well.

Anonymous said...

There are some very good Judges out there who uphold the integrity of the oath they took. I had one.
However, there are devastatingly, some very corrupt, mentally ill, greedy, extremely dishonest Judges lining their pockets at the expense of others lives if you have the money.
Will instantly fix cases because of their "legal insanity". Even rewrite cases while they make up their own laws, after forcing certain people into fraudulent, illegal & dangerous Judgments.
Putting their life in danger & taking it away. While exploiting & abusing them to death.