Friday, November 16, 2012

Endorsing destruction of the family unit

A reader writes:
You criticize Jewish shrinks for being anti-family. Here's one Jewish person who regrets the fact that "a majority of American Jews endorse the policies that have destroyed the family unit."
I include the whole WSJ letter, because the link may go bad:
Carol Simon Kamin (Letters, Nov. 8) has it wrong. There is no Jewish virtue to give free money to the able-bodied poor; the highest form of charity and justice is to set the needy up with a livelihood so they will be independent and not need more free money. The best way to prepare a person for independent adulthood is education in childhood.

The highest levels of poverty, despair and failing schools are found in urban neighborhoods, almost all under the political control of Democrats. One of the highest Jewish values is truth, but when Democrats advocate for more money for education, you may be sure they mean rich pensions for teachers and jobs for administrators, but not better schools for the children or educational choice for parents. When they accuse Republicans of cutting assistance for the elderly, they conveniently ignore the $750 billion that ObamaCare will take out of Medicare. It is also a blatant lie that Republicans aren't willing to feed the poor. Entitlement spending has risen under Republican as well as Democratic control.

Judaism reveres the family unit, but a majority of American Jews endorse the policies that have destroyed the family unit, especially among the poor, where single moms struggle to raise children, whose fathers are in prison or are just gone. It is pitiful that Jews, a tiny, persecuted group with a low birthrate, who lost more than a million children in the Holocaust not so long ago, apparently regard abortion on demand and taxpayer-provided contraception for all as more important values than God, Torah and love of Israel.

Rachel Glyn
Cherry Hill, N.J.
When I criticize Jewish shrinks, most of them do not even subscribe to the religious aspects of Judaism, as far as I know. They are like Sigmund Freud, who was an atheist but his his "Jewish origins and his allegiance to his secular Jewish identity were of significant influence in the formation of his intellectual and moral outlook".

In the recent election, Barack Obama got about 70% of the Jewish vote, down from 75-80% in previous presidential elections. Mitt Romney campaigned on strong support for Israel, and had the support of Jews like Sheldon Adelson who left the Democrat Party.

Glyn is correct. Jewish shrinks overwhelmingly support policies that are destroying the family unit. If there are any Jewish shrinks who openly and publicly oppose those destructive policies, please let know in the comments. Even non-Jewish shrinks have mostly adopted Jewish attitudes towards the subject, as Jewish influence has dominated psychology for a century.


Anonymous said...

You've received plenty more comments complaining about how you go after ethnic groups.

Anonymous said...

Does finding one Jew that agrees with you mean that you're right about something or another ?

George said...

The WSJ would not have published this letter if it were just some scurrilous anti-semitic attack. No this letter does not prove me right. But this letter does support what I say. If you have some contrary evidence, go ahead and post it.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Sheldon G. Adelson's "I Didn't Leave the Democrats; They Left Me" (op-ed, Nov. 5): Sheldon Adelson and I grew up in the same poor, Jewish, immigrant neighborhood in Boston. Our fathers might have known each other since they were both Boston cabbies—an unusual line of work for Jewish men at that time. And we surely had some of the same life experiences. That's apparently where the similarities end. I remain a card-carrying Democrat.

Mr. Adelson writes that one of the reasons he left the Democratic Party is that Republicans are now more generous contributors to charity than Democrats. Yet many of those very states that vote Republican have the highest child poverty rates, the lowest education levels, the worst health outcomes and the greatest number of children living in distressed communities. And many of those states that vote Democratic have the lowest child poverty rates, the highest education levels, the best access to health care and the most kids growing up in communities with the resources to provide safe and thriving neighborhoods.

I'm sure Mr. Adelson knows that the word in Hebrew for "charity" means "justice." Surely, in addition to Republican positions on social issues that he doesn't agree with, I would hope he'd have a problem with a political party whose budget would cut food for the hungry as well as increase child and family poverty by cutting programs that assist people who are elderly, seriously disabled or unable to afford health care. "Charity" may have worked for some in the old neighborhood. That neighborhood is long gone.
Carol Simon Kamin

George said...

Yes, that is the Jewish Democrat letter that triggered the response. You can get it from the link that I provided.

It is true that the richer states tend to vote Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why the richer states are richer.