Friday, February 11, 2022

Judge Orders Sex-change for Boy

The Truth Fairy blog has a horror story about a dad who lost custody of his teenaged boy because he was reluctant to go along with bizarre sex-change treatments. The judge was biased, but so is the whole system.
“The problem is, when it’s a court-wide training, even if you file a motion to recuse that particular judge, you have no guarantee that you’ll be able to get in front of any judge that will give you impartial justice,” Broyles said.

Judge Hiramoto referred twice in the transcript to the things she had learned in “judicial college” and “family law classes for judges.” One thing she learned, it seems, was to refer to all adolescents whose gender identity is at issue as “they/them”—whether or not the gender identity was in dispute. Another thing Hiramoto learned, according to the transcript, was that gender, like sexual orientation, is immutable. Several times she pressed Ted, in several ways, on whether he could accept Drew if it turned out that Drew was “truly transgender.”

The judges, psychologists, and child advocates are demented beyond repair.

I have moved on. Probably no one sees this anymore.