Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Guide to ruining dads

A reader sent this rant:
Here is a woman's fail-proof guide to ruining your ex using Family Court, state agencies, and their ignorant biases. If you are a resentful, greedy, manipulative woman with children, it will work every time. Of course it will destroy your children. ...

The key to getting and keeping children from the other parent is to use all three sides of the Iron triangle against that parent. What are those three sides? First, a Restraining order in District Court; Second, a Dept. of Children and Families case in Juvenile Court; and Third, a divorce or paternity case in Probate and Family Court. ...

EIGHTH, Take the children to "Therapy" -

This part of The Plan is critically important. You need to find a gullible therapist or social worker right away to take your children to see, in order to get expert opinion for court about the effect of the "abuse" on the children.

How do you find a good one? Here are some key factors: The therapist or psychologist or social worker should be willing to speak only with you, and never hear from the abusive father, because it may put her 'at risk'. The therapist has to be personally not very well adjusted, and must believe that men are evil abusers and women are victims. Most of all, the therapist has to know how to manipulate the innocent minds of your children to hate their father and to make them believe he is a bad man.
The site has not been updated in a while. The guy is probably a victim of someone who followed the formula.

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