Monday, November 19, 2012

Judge applies Sharia law in alimony case

Here is new from New Jersey:
FLEMINGTON — The legal battle over alimony payments in New Jersey has turned into a clash of civilizations with an activist group accusing an Arab Muslim judge of imposing Sharia, or Islamic law, on Family Court cases.

Family Court Judge Hany Mawla first made headlines in 2010 when then-Gov. Jon Corzine made him the first Muslim-American appointed to the state Superior Court.

Mawla lately has drawn renewed attention for his rulings on alimony payments. In one case, which is being championed by advocates of alimony reform, Pennsylvania resident John Waldorf remains in Hunterdon County Jail after a month because he was unable to pay his ex-wife the $8,000 monthly payments Mawla ordered.

“It is obvious what Judge Mawla is doing is a ‘jihad’ against men in general and fathers specifically,” Bruce Eden, civil rights director of the state chapter of Dads Against Discrimination, said in a statement this week. “Therefore, as a fathers' rights group we intend to initiate a ‘crusade’ to remove this vermin from the bench.”

In an interview, Eden said Malal, whose parents left Egypt when he was a toddler, is following the Sharia practice of throwing debtors in jail.
I hope these angry dads throw the vermin judges out, but I am afraid the the family court problem runs much deeper. Judges are throwing debtors in jail all over the USA.

If this just is applying his Mohammedan prejudices, then he certainly should be held accountable for his bigotry. I say the same about judges who are Christian, Jewish, Atheist, or whatever. They should not be micro-managing others based on personal religious beliefs. The situation is particularly pronounced when the judge is known to subscribe to a worldview that devalues American freedom and family.

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Anonymous said...

Tough case expected in front of Judge Mawla 6/7/13 involving Judge Mawla's favorite obstacle ----a Pro Se Defendant!
will be interesting to see how he handles this one!