Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jailed dad will face more trouble

Fellow angry dad Dan Brewington is in prison for exposing on his blog the corruption of a family court judge and psychologist, but his angry wife is still looking for blood. He posts this:

Comes now the Petitioner, Melissa Brewington, by and through undersigned counsel, Angela G. Loechel, and respectfully moves the Court to set her Amended Verified Petition for Contempt Citation for hearing as soon as practicable after Respondent, Daniel Brewington's release from incarceration in the State of Indiana. It is estimated that the hearing should take one full day.

WHEREFORE, Petitioner respectfully requests that the Court schedule this matter for Hearing, as soon as practicable.
As far as I know, Dan has not hurt anyone. But his ex-wife and the judge are seeking revenge for what he said on his blog.

Dan is arguing an appeal of his criminal conviction this morning. I hope he wins, but I am afraid that the fix is in.

Update: This seems to be a joke:
The Moscow authorities have refused to grant permission for a rally against “political repressions” and “violations of human rights,” saying that state law does not recognize such a phenomenon in the country.

The application to hold the event was rejected by the authorities on the grounds that the “current law does not provide any measures used by the state for repression based on political motives,” the official refusal letter reads.

The letter further explained, “in accordance to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the government guarantees equal rights and freedom of the individual.” The letter also said that the constitution rejects any forms of violation of human rights based on “social, racial, national, language or religious affiliation.” The constitution also guarantees judicial protection.
In Indiana, Brewington has been imprisoned for protesting the family court.

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