Friday, November 15, 2013

Simulate frog dissection on tablet

I missed this silly application:
One of the latest apps available comes highly rated by Apple as well as teachers, and we bet frogs probably think it’s a great idea too. According to eSchool News, the Frog Dissection app teaches students about organs and organ systems without actually having to dissect a frog. By skipping out on killing frogs for educational purposes the new app proves to be a much more eco-friendly and humane alternative for science students to learn.

Frog dissections are unethical and unnecessary. They are contributing to the depletion of wild frog populations all over the United States. Now that virtual dissection is available, it is an excellent alternative for students to learn and a great way to protect frogs.

What’s great about the app are all of its features. It’s just as informative, if not more, than dissecting a real frog. The app has 3D imaging and step-by-step instructions on the dissection procedure. The Frog Dissection app is a winner of PETA’s mark Twain Ethical Science Award, via iTunes. It’s only $3.99 and is now available on iTunes.
Next we will abolish pets, zoos, gardens, etc. Too messy. No need to do any lab experiment or any hands-on educational learning. Just get the apps.

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Anonymous said...

No, using an app is not more informative than dissecting an actual frog. Only dissecting an actual frog will show you what the insides of a living thing are actually *like*.