Friday, September 28, 2012

Demand to cease and desist

I filed a complaint against psychologist Ken Perlmutter last year, and now I get this:
Dear [AngryDad]:

I demand that you cease and desist writing about me on the blog, The Angry Dad. Furthermore, I demand that you correct previous misleading statements about me. I have retained legal counsel in this matter.

The final straw was your Sept. 22 posting comparing me to a child molester. I have never been convicted of a felony, and I do not have any administrative citations or disciplinary actions on record with the California Board of Psychology. Any suggestion to the contrary is libelous.

Professional ethics require that neither you nor I are permitted to comment on your case. It is not in the best interest of your children for you to be using the internet to argue for your so-called parental rights. Your inability to see that is further proof that you lack the necessary empathy to be a father.

Your anger is misplaced. I did not take your kids away. Before taking your case, I called Commissioner Irwin Joseph to clarify what he wanted me to do in the case. He explained that he had already taken your kids away, and that it was not my responsibility to second-guess what he had done. I was merely being asked to make recommendations pursuant his instructions.

I did not even recommend specific actions against you. I merely recommended that the existing orders be continued temporarily for another six months. You were free to come back to me after that to ask for an updated evaluation.

It is not true that I charged you $28,000 for the evaluation. That was the amount for the evaluation, report, and testimony. You case was complicated by the thousands of pages of documents that your ex-wife asked me to review. You blame me for misunderstanding the outcome of your 2005 child custody trial, the CPS allegations against you in 2007, and the nature of the temporary court orders against you. But would you have really wanted to pay me more money to read those documents more thoroughly?

Again, you fail to take responsibility for your own behavior. Had you not contested the allegations against you, there would not have been thousands of pages of court documents.

I would have done that updated evaluation for you after six months, but the hostility of your questions to me in court indicated that you had lost confidence in my professional judgment. A psychologist depends on the trust of the patient. If you truly trusted me, then you would not have asked me for published evidence supporting my recommendations. I recommend based on my professional opinion of the best interest of the children.

I resent your insinuation that my ethics and opinions are shaped by my non-Christian beliefs. You apparently inferred this from my lack of any citation to legal or psychological knowledge in my report. But as I explained to you, avoiding such citations is an accepted practice. In seminars on child custody evaluations, the point is commonly made that any specificity in the premises or reasoning only invites opposing lawyers to ask questions that can ultimately undermine the effectiveness of the evaluation.

At any rate, you do not have the credentials to question the upbringing of your children. You are not a psychologist. And you should not be using the internet to try to disrupt a process that has already been decided by professionals.

This letter is confidential and copyrighted, and you are forbidden to post it. Please inform me in writing that you will immediately correct your web site. I am also informing Bret Johnson and Faren Akins of your libel, so that they may also take action.

Kenneth Permutter, PhD, Calif Psy #7053
Is this a joke? Yes, he told me that stuff, but he is not foolish enough to put it in writing.


Anonymous said...

There is an easy way around all of this - sell everything, move to somewhere without extradition and let your crazy ex deal with the bills she has run up.

You're not going to win - you're male, and the deck is stacked against you. Just face it and punt. You can send your children letters through re-mailers in Europe to conceal your location.

Before you go, add your ex wife's name to all charge cards and do what she would do to you... :) Have fun...

Anonymous said...

Nothing that you can do but wait for your kids to grow up, either that or contact Guido and have him "take care" of the wife problem. Personally I hate all these parasites that make a living off the pain and suffering of men trying to deal with out of control women. The system is designed to grind men into dust and all those in the system know exactly what they are doing but choose to do it anyway as it makes them a pretty good living. I will celebrate when I see these people roasting in hell for the crimes against humanity that they have done.


Anonymous said...

I especially loved his comment about you not having the credentials to question the upbringing of your children. What a sack of ......

Good luck w/this piece of work, sounds like you may wind up getting into similar waters as Dan back in Indiana.

Anonymous said...

I was going to also, point out how I especially loved the same comment about you not having the credentials to question the upbringing of your children. You're the father, it's your obligation, and duty to question the upbringing of your children.

I also was thinking of Dan in Ind., too.
I think it's a little different because Dan was posting people's home addresses and such, but he also was making accusations, and sort of similar comparisons on the internet about court authorities and child abusers, so I don't know ?

Honestly, I think you could have been more effective exposing these people by having kept things less personal. There were so many damning facts against them that you had cited, and could have continued with, without the personal stuff about them.

Anonymous said...

the problem is that if you fight these people in "the system" it's their home turf: you lose.

You want to wage war as much as possible on your own terms (Sun Tzu, Machiavelli) when you're out-numbered and out-gunned.

Getting "personal" does indeed work but one has to be very careful where the line is vis a vis libel and slander.

The 'net is about the only place you can wage any sort of resistance, the cultural zeitgeist now is very pro-radical feminist and pro-gay. Traditional family values and men are denigrated. So getting the kind of story out like George's is impossible in mainstream media, ain't gonna happen.

In order to get attention, a certain amount of shock and hyperbole is required, which seems to be the case w/this blog, albeit I find most of it pretty lame. But there are some valid points made once we get past the bigotry and cold war mentality.

Protests and organizing groups doesn't work because we've seen police here in Santa Cruz County infiltrate groups deemed to be against the status quo of power. so we're not left with much.

I don't have any real answers and I realize this is a bit rambling, but I'm trying to point out that the deck is highly stacked and guerilla warfare types of tactics and strategies and all we have at the moment.

If that means punching someone in the nose hard, so be it, bullies only understand being pushed back. And these bedwetters, who no doubt were bullied or didn't like their dads or moms, are now the bullies. And these bullies are attacking the core of our beings: our children and our families.

It'll be very interesting to see if Perlmutter et al file a civil suit here in Santa Cruz to get George to shut this blog down, redact statements, etc.

Anonymous said...

No, that wasn't rambling. I think that you summed it up pretty well.

btw...Does it seem like a pretty stupid letter to you considering he retained counsel ?

Anonymous said...

I think he's bluffing, but probably because the jerk is connected in the legal world he probably got some free advice from a shyster buddy tp dave him some $, or maybe just got an hour consult.

Going to go the cheap route first by huffing and puffing, seeing if he gets a reaction, then decide from there if anything happens or not.

Would he go for real legal action? Who knows. He's a shrink, they have serious mental health and behavioral issues which is why they were attracted to the field in the first place. Kinda like "I suffered for my art, now it's your turn".

Anonymous said...

remember, Perlmutter sent the letter, not some lawyer. If he really retained counsel the atty would have sent that cease and desist request, not the client.

Again, this is not to say he wouldn't go for it, right now it's a fishing expedition IMO/IME.

Anonymous said...

remarkable statement in the third to last full paragraph. No citation of legal rulings and precedents are cited in these custody evaluations so that opposing counsel (ie dad's) can pick it apart. And that this is routinely emphasized in the seminars on the subject.

Which our friends Irwin Joseph and the bed-wetter Don Saposnick (former SC County court family evaluator) have been conducting down at Pepperdine Law School every June for the last few years.

Just gets better and better. Talk about lack of due process. Or as my relatives from a former communist country would tell me: these guys are exactly the same and would have done well back in the old country.

Anonymous said...

the letter supposedly being copyrighted was a nice touch, did it have any markings to show that such as a "TM" printed anywhere on the letter head? If not, burden of proof is on him, copyright law is pretty clear on something of this nature because it's not a work of art for hire like a song, a novel, poem, speech. It's correspondence.

But obviously he's setting it up to entrap and penalize as much as possible. George has already responded w/publishing the letter, obviously Perlmutter monitors this blog so the next move is his.

Anonymous said...

"But as I explained to you, avoiding such citations is an accepted practice. In seminars on child custody evaluations, the point is commonly made that any specificity in the premises or reasoning only invites opposing lawyers to ask questions that can ultimately undermine the effectiveness of the evaluation."

My god, lawyers are questioning the basis for a psychologist's reasoning? And they think the solution is to hide their reasoning?

Sounds suspiciously like what legal beagles would call "fraud on the court."

Ignore the twerp, then forward a copy of the letter to the board as further evidence of his dishonesty. If you're still in court on child custody, you can probably use the letter to force the court to set aside any recommendations he made.

Anonymous said...

George - When are you going to let the cat out of the bag regarding "Perlmutter's" letter? Barbara

Unknown said...

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