Friday, September 07, 2012

Reducing male testosterone

Here is some new anti-male science propaganda:
Researchers studied 362 Filipino fathers of the same age. They took testosterone samples in 2005 and 2009. And they found that dads who slept next to junior had a third less testosterone than before, compared to dads who dozed alone.

The researchers can't be sure that sleeping next to the baby actually causes that decline. Could be that dads with less testosterone are just more likely to cuddle with the kid. But they say disruptions in a man's sleep—a baby's cry, for example—are known to cut testosterone production.

Either way, the authors say, less testosterone is probably better for baby.
Huhh? They suggest that only de-masculinized men should be dads.

If sleeping with a baby really reduces testosterone, and less testosterone is really better for the baby, then we should tell dads to sleep with their babies. That would be the logical conclusion. But that is absurd, and no one is saying that. So the premises must be wrong.

On the other hand, I do feel as if my testosterone has dropped after watching the Democrat Convention all week. It was the adult equivalent of crying babies. They had speeches from Lilly Ledbetter and Sandra Fluke. The most ridiculous complaint from my 2yo daughter made more sense than the whining from these women.

The Democrats have become the party of lawyers and whiny bitches. They are also the party of gays, Jews, psychologists, and food stamp collectors, but the party had the good sense to keep them off the main stage.

College hockey players apparently have high testosterone. ABC News reports:
Boston University's men's ice hockey team has come under scathing criticism for an alleged culture of "sexual entitlement" and alcohol abuse. ...

But the task force found that the team's "elevated social status" on campus led to "frequent sexual encounters with women absent an emotional relationship or ongoing commitment."
Yeah, that's what happens when girls throw themselves at high-testosterone boys. What are they going to do -- make the boys sleep with crying babies to lower their testosterone levels? I am afraid that they would lose too many hockey games, and that is more important than the emotional relationship.


Anonymous said...

What are you talking about...

This week David Wolpe, senior rabbi of Sinai Temple, delivered one of the invocations at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. Even for someone used to and deserving of such honors, this is a big deal.

He wasn't the only Jew to speak either.

Good job on managing to offend as many groups as you could and putting out as much misinformation as possible.

George said...

It is nice to have anonymous commenters to correct me whenever I make a mistake.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Zach Wahls, an Iowa man with two mothers, was vaulted to Internet stardom in early 2011 with a moving plea to his state legislature on behalf of marriage equality. On Thursday, Wahls will take the stage here at the Democratic National Convention, according to two people familiar with the speaking schedule.

Wahls, then 19, argued that his family was no different than any other Iowan's and should be treated no differently by the law. His speech went viral, garnering millions of views online and turning him into an overnight hero of the gay rights movement. He has since written a memoir, titled "My Two Moms."

George said...

Here is the Zach Wahls DNC video. He says that he was raised by two moms, and "I'm awesome at putting the seat down." Of course he does not know the value of a dad because he has never had one.