Monday, September 24, 2012

Virgin births not rare

National Geographic News reports:
"Virgin birth" among animals may not be a rare, last-resort, save-the-species stopgap after all.

For the first time, animal mothers, specifically pit vipers, have been discovered spawning fatherless offspring in the wild. More to the point, the snakes did so even when perfectly good males were around.

(Related: "'Virgin Birth' Record Broken by Hotel Shark.")

Among vertebrate animals that normally reproduce sexually, virlgin birth, or parthenogenesis, had been observed in only captive female snakes, Komodo dragons, birds, and sharks.
Get used to it, guys. Evolution is at work. Men are not needed anymore. At least not to sharks, giant lizards, pit vipers, and other snakes.


Jacob Ian Stalk said...

Like the psychopathic residue in Hanna Rosin's feminist lickspittle this idea that is certainly not worth spreading.

I'm sure you don't mean for the masculine heart to be memetically crucified thus.

Do you?

George said...

The sharks, lizards, snakes, and feminists do not listen to me. I just warning people of bad ideas.