Monday, September 17, 2012

End of Western Civilization

Reader Zorro writes:
1. The male of all higher species does not give birth.
2. The female of all higher species mates hypergamously.

These are the only two reasons patriarchies survive. Everything else is a variable.

This is not the end of men. This is the end of Western Civilization.

All matriarchies implode. Read a history book. Feminism is doing more to destroy Western Civilization than the Klan, skinheads, neo-Nazis, all the Mafias, street gangs, serial killers, COMBINED! The Klan does not sit on Senate subcommittees. Fembots do. The neo-Nazis are not invited to address Congress. Fembots are. The Sicilian Mafia does not have private meetings with the President. Feminists do.

People, we are going away. The future is not female. It's male, and his name is Abdullah.
I don't know about the Abdullah part, but he is onto something. Leftist-feminist-egalitarians are changing our society, but basic human nature is not changing. They are undermining Western Civilization as we know it. Most people will not see the damage until it is too late to do anything about it.

I am pessimistic about political change for the better. People will have to see by bitter experience that matriarchies do not work.


Zorro said...

Thanks for the shoutout.

You don't need to be Jacques Cousteau to tell that there's salt in the ocean.

We, as humans, have lots going on in our heads. We have philosophy, religion, political affiliation, culture, etc., etc, yadda yadda yadda.

Forget all that. We are BIOLOGICS! We are animals. We are not plants, ficus trees or igneous rock.


Mother nature is standing in the corner of this room your are sitting in, and she's dusting off her broom. We are going OUT! Another culture who cherishes the contributions of the male will take over. Charles Murray is not required. Hanna Rosin is not needed. Kay Hymowitz is off the menu.

Read a history book. Tell me of a matriarchy that lived more than 100 years. I dare you.

You cannot win a chess game in one move, but you can lose it in nine.

The most powerful force in Western Civilization that has the capacity to END Western Civilization is feminism.

And they are winning.

PS: I love all people. Blacks, gays, Jews, Southpaws. I have no problem with humanity.

But I have an awesome respect for biological reality.

We're fucked.

confused said...

"People will have to see by bitter experience that matriarchies do not work. "

they won't interpret it as matriarchies not working - it will still be mens fault.

George said...

Good point. Just like the way that Pres. Obama's failures are all Bush's fault.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain what he's talking about with "Abdullah" ?

George said...

A reader asks: "Can anyone explain what he's talking about with "Abdullah" ?"

My guess is that he is saying that the Moslems will not be fooled by feminism.

Anonymous said...

well, we're dealing with the same sorts of specious arguments that were used to justify slavery and allow the Nazis to come into power: biology as destiny.

Now what? Before it's too late.

Zorro said...
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Zorro said...

I lived in Saudi Arabia for four years. When I hear of how women are taking control in the Muslim Middle East, I suffer from dry heaves.

The Arabs have no problems with feminism, and their women are not stupid. Ours are idiots. And we have feminism encoded in every aspect of our lives.

When I say the future is male, and his name is Abdullah, I mean the meek shall inherit the Earth. All those idiots chanting "Democracy go to Hell...Islam will dominate the planet!" are absolutely correct. In 200 years, this planet is one huge Muslim caliphate. Christendom is cancelling itself out of the program. The last to fall will be China.

As an atheist, it doesn't mean much to me, but as someone who believes in the social viability of the Reformation and Renaissance, I'm more than a little pissed.

The Lefties have long targeted the nuclear family, marriage and esteem of the individual in favor of the state. By far, they are winning in their murderous and infantile stupidity.

But the state has an enemy it cannot possibly beat: natural order. And Abdullah and his wife/wives are completely on Mother Nature's playbook. They have no problem with the nuclear family.

They will last. We won't.

Anonymous said...

Long live big Sister!

War is Peace. Hate is love. Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

Brad said...

Well said sir.