Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Psychology professor punished

There is a new report on a Harvard psychologist found guilty of academic fraud:
Among the finding were that Hauser:

Fabricated data and also misrepresented data in graphs
Falsified the coding of monkey behavior observed in trials
Misrepresented how data were coded in a paper ...

What amazes me is the leniency of the “punishment.” Making data up is the primary sin that a scientist can commit. I expected that, at the least, Hauser would be banned from ever receiving federal grant money. He also ran the chance of going to jail. But what did the ORI do? Virtually nothing: a slap on the wrist.
I have criticized professor Hauser before, along with other academic misconduct, but I don't want to pile on here. He has been punished enough.

Okay, he miscoded some monkey behavior. Has he taken anyone's kids away? I believe that this man is still better than 99% of the psychologists out there.

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