Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The new unfunny normal

I commented in July about a new TV sitcom called The New Normal. It is about a gay couple wanting a baby.

I was going to criticize it as anti-family, but the show is not worth it. It is stupid and not funny. It follows another equally stupid and unfunny sitcom called Go On.

The show does spend most of its time promoting gay male relationships, single motherhood, and interracial reproduction. The token conservative is repeatedly mocked. There is no real dad on the scene. But you cannot help feeling that they are embarking on a monstrous experiment that will turn out badly for everyone involved.

A famous gay actor says:
Gay actor Rupert Everett has caused an outcry with his comment that he "can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads". ...

Everett made the statement in an interview with Britain's Sunday Times Magazine, where he also pointed out the comment was "just my opinion", and suggested there were too many children on the planet anyway.
The gay couple wants a test-tube baby. Most people would probably be surprised that their foolish venture is even legal. Yes, it is legal. It is currently illegal in Costa Rica, but an international court is about to force them to legalize it.

The show is made by gays who say that they are educating the public about gays. The gay man who plays the role of the wife in the relationship is an actor who is gay in real life, and the role is that of a stereotypical effeminate gay man. I would expect the gays to complain about stereotyping. The actor's main claim to fame is that he starred in a role making fun of Mormons in a Broadway NY play.

One of the funnier jokes was that the bigoted grandma makes a wisecrack about what appears to be two gay men walking a baby. The enlightened single mom points out that it is a lesbian couple. The liberal lesson is that in the new normal families, you cannot tell who is a man or a woman anymore.

If you want to see it, watch it tonight. It may be canceled soon.

Another new TV sitcom, Guys with Kids, addresses fatherhood. One of the dads is sharing child custody with a crazy controlling ex-wife. The first episode did have some funny scenes.

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