Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unsubscribing the dad

This is from today's Rhymes With Orange.

What if a father said this during a supervised visit, and the supervisor intervened to tell the bratty teenager that she does not have to listen to her dad and can do whatever she wants. Should he fire the supervisor?

I am afraid that most supervisors would disapprove of what the father says here, and intervene.


Anonymous said...

If the supervisor is like the rest of the people connected to Santa Cruz County Family Law Court, he/she has no kids and no experience living with kids.

Anonymous said...

The fact that your question even needs to be asked speaks volumes as to how corrupt the system really is. It never fails to amaze me how nobody does a thing to stop the abuse and 'legal' kidnapping of our most precious assets but will 'fight like bull-dogs' over trivial things like ‘eliminating sugary drinks from New York city’! Why do people not care for the children who will soon be old enough to change civil policy, and not necessarily for the better? Why do we think it is 'better for the children' to remove them from their fathers when thousands of reports prove the detriment? In other word, treat your children well for they will be choosing your nursing home…