Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fighting paternity fraud

Here is an organization that seems to be doing some good. Fathers and Families reports:
In a stunning victory, duped dad Pedro Soto and his attorney Richard A. Lowe, Esq. have prevailed against the Orange County Department of Child Support Services in a paternity fraud case emblematic of the numerous outrageous injustices faced by men and fathers in family court. In this case, Soto has paid over $75,000 in child support for a child DNA tests have established is not his, and who has been living with both of his biological parents for many years.
Glad to see a fathers group accomplish something.

This whole paternity problem should be a non-problem. 99% of the time, the mom is 100% sure who the dad is. When the mom fills out the birth certificate form, there should be a blank for the dad, and a checkbox for whether she is 100% sure. If she does not check the box, then no child support is ever paid without a DNA test. If she does check the box, demands child support from the wrong father, and a DNA test later proves that she was lying, then she should be liable for criminal fraud and monetary reimbursement.

Eventually, the DNA tests will be so cheap that the authorities will test everybody and maintain a giant database with every person, his relatives, his bank account, and his GPS coordinates. Ending paternity fraud will just be a byproduct of ending personal privacy.

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