Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Men who need teaching

A comment
on this blog yesterday said:
For one thing... they're making the men take classes, not the women, so it's the men who need teaching. Secondly, the reason most of these marriages aren't working out is because 1) they aren't marrying for love, ...
The context was Korea, which I don't know anything about, but this is one of silliest comments on this blog.

Commie countries have sent men, but not women, to reeducation camps. Does that mean that it's the men who need teaching?

The Santa Cruz family court primarily sends men (and some women) to silly parenting classes. Does that mean the men need it? The parenting classes are not learning at all. The classes only serve as tools to separate parents from their children.

If the marriages suffer from cultural differences between Koreans and Filipinos, why is that the fault of the husbands? Maybe the brides should take classes on understanding those differences, and on what to expect from marriage.

And why assume that they are not marrying for love, and assume that is a problem? They have arranged marriages in India, so they are not marrying for love, but they have long-lasting and happy marriages. I always thought that international marriages were usually for love, and that divorces were more likely to be caused by cultural differences rather than lack of love.

Perhaps my post yesterday encourages from woman-bashing, which I don't really want to do. I have this blog to complain about the family court, and to comment on related matters. Women get screwed by the family court also. But my perspective is that of a man, and I really disagree with the mentality that "it's the men who need teaching".

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