Friday, October 28, 2011

Local murder trial starts

A high-profile local murder trial is starting:
SANTA CRUZ -- On the evening a 28-year-old pregnant woman went missing, she'd told her college friend she planned to ask the man she believed was the father of her child for a paternity test, a witness testified Wednesday in the murder trial of a former Ben Lomond man.

Michael McClish, 42, is charged with killing Joanna "Asha" Veil and her unborn baby. The two worked together at the Ben Lomond Market. Prosecutor Jeff Rosell has said the two also had a personal relationship and Veil believed McClish was the father of her child.
I have read dozens of stories about this case, but this is the first that I have read that the real father was the victim's husband:
Experts have determined that Richard Veil was the father of the unborn baby, but Rosell maintains that McClish thought the baby could be his.
This is going to be a long trial:
McClish's ex-wife is expected to be one of the 140 witnesses who will testify in McClish's trial, which will last until at least December.
This murder took place 5 years ago. I assume that the evidence is very weak, or McClish would have been tried years ago. I don't think that they have any proof that McClish was having an affair with Asha, or was at the scene of the crime, or had the murder weapon, or anything like that. They mainly have this theory that Asha falsely accused McClish of paternity, so he killed her.

I commented before that McClish was convicted on a rape charge. It appeared to be that he was framed on the rape charge because the authorities believed that he was a murderer, but could not prove it.

I guess that we will finally get to see the evidence against McClish. I don't know why everyone has considered him a murderer for 5 years. He should be innocent until proven guilty.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a Clemons to me.....

Anonymous said...

U mean "Clements"...protectors of accused and now convicted sexual harrassment and evil rapists.

Writer said...

This might interest you:

Anonymous said...

This might interest you, Angry Dad. Asha did not accuse McClish: she was asking him for a paternity test, along with her husband. Her supposed relationship with McClish, a serializing, was a lone incident and friends said it was not consensual.
I stand up for Asha as I am writing a book about the crime and know pretty much all there is to know at
this point:

George said...

I hope you get to the bottom of this case, because I do not think that the trial did. But you say "stand up for Asha", so I guess you are not an objective observer.