Saturday, January 28, 2006

Trucker indicted for carving on trees

Tennessee news:
Cunningham, a truck-driver, drove to a waterfall in White County -- one of the last places he had taken his two daughters. And as a gift to Jade, he carved her name in a tree, took a photograph of the tree and sent it to a sister-in-law, who he says gave it to the children's mother.

He also had written a poem to his daughter.

"Behind these trees, I cried, wishing you were here by my side," the poem said. ...

Earlier this week, Cunningham visited the Sheriff's office and discovered her had been indicted for vandalism for his handy work.

The girl's father says deputies gave him an orange jump suit to put on, shackled his ankles and put him behind bars for almost two hours before he could post a $1,000 bond.

"This about blows my mind," says the 45 year old Cunningham.

So, who reported the tree carvings to police and got him in a world of trouble?

Cunningham says he's not sure, but claims his ex-wife is listed as a witness on his indictment.
My ex-wife hasn't sunk that low.

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