Monday, January 30, 2006

Georgia mother support reform

Georgia op-ed:
Under the bill, noncustodial parents can reduce the amount of child support they pay by spending a certain amount of time with their children. The proposal before the Senate set the threshold for the parenting time credit at 91 days a year — the equivalent of 13 weeks. But by joining together, female senators were able to raise that annual threshold to 121 days.
A blogger calls this More Anti-Father Bigotry by the FemNags.

These women are saying that if the father takes care of the kids for 120 days out of the year, then he should still have to pay mother support (which they call child support) for those 120 days.

It is not child support, as the money is not going to the children. It is mother support.

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Anonymous said...

These woman (7 Senators) are also saying that even if the father (or non-custodial mother) spent 182 days (1/2 the year) that the FULL child support should still be paid. Senator Gloria Butler (GA) also stated that it is the "non-custodial parent's priviledge" to visit with the child. A male Senator (Senator Steve Thompson) also stated that it wasn't the father's business how the child support was being spent. This isn't just "anti-father", but anti-parenthood. Laws should be fair as to not intice conflict between two parents. Georgia still has a long way to go in changing the mentality of some of our state lawmakers. Elections are right around the maybe its time to elect those with common sense?