Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Another 100 pages from the ex-wife

I just got a massive response from my ex-wife to my last court filing. It is about an inch thick, and must be about 100 pages. Her briefs are only about 25 pages, and the rest of it is exhibits -- transcripts, orders, financial statements, etc.

Half of it is to make me pay $6,500 to the law firm of Bosso Williams that formerly represented her. I would think that a law firm could do its own collections.

Very little of it actually addresses issues under dispute. I've only skimmed it so far. I may have to write a reply.


Anonymous said...

Has your wife gotten a REAL job yet? It seems that she has too much time on her hands.... Perhaps if she was working, then she could enjoy earning her own money and the satisfaction of spending time on positive pursuits. In your opinion, is she able to hide all her bitterness towards you from the girls? Is she typing up 100 pages of headache for you when she could be spending important quality time with the girls? I hope that you are enjoying your 50-50 shared time with your daughters after the past year or so with less than that - being a GREAT Dad is better than being an Angry one.... I wish you the best of luck in getting fair treatment from the courts and your ex. Enjoy the blessings that you do have. Thank you for sharing your experience.

George said...

No, she does not have a real job yet. Now that I have our kids half-time again, it doesn't matter whether she hides her bitterness or not. Sometimes I think that the kids know me better than she does.

I'll post some more about the court motion when I get it sorted out.