Monday, January 30, 2006

Massachusetts support guidelines

Massachusetts just revised its mother support guidelines. It partially relied on a study that said:
Estimates of child-rearing expenditures in single-parent families are not used by any state as the basis of their guidelines.
That's right. The so-called child support is an income redistribution scheme for parents, and has nothing to do with actual child-rearing expenses.

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Anonymous said...

Why does the child support count over time? If I don't work over time, I can't support me. If I do work overtime, she takes me to court (every 8 mos.) and gets to see all my pay stubs. She claims she doesn't work. Even the judge knows she works. Yet the system allows her to take me to court over & over but does not demand she get a job. If I didn't pay DOR would be all over me! Only the non custodial parent is penalized for non support. WHERE IS HER RES-PONSIBLITY TO SUPPORT THE CHILDREN?