Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ohio domestic violence orders

I got this letter from Ohio:
A co worker was served with a warrant for his arrest on a charge of domestic violence. It was served late Friday afternoon, after the courts were closed for the weekend, so bond could not be set until Monday morning, and he spent the weekend in jail. (One does not disturb the courts on a weekend! The Sheriff's Deputies told him that this timing was so frequent that it was known as the "weekend divorce.") Monday morning his wife appeared at his hearing, claiming that he had struck her. She had no evidence, nor did the judge ask for any but if my co worker were to see the outside world, he would have to agree to undergo counseling (at his own expense, of course).

I know of several support orders in which, when the father's pay goes up, the required support payments go up. If his pay comes down, becomes a major battle to decrease the payments. On the other hand, if the mother's income increases, nothing is changed.

I recall serving a man with a court document in a domestic case, and I was given orders that it not be served prior to 4:30 PM. When I served it, I had to open it and read and explain it to the man because he was illiterate -- and it was a court order that stated that he would be considered in violation if he did not respond before 4:00 PM that same day. That's right -- he was to respond 30 minutes before he was served!

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