Thursday, January 26, 2006

Father punches time-out teacher

Florida AP news:
An angry father who marched into a classroom in Manatee County and punched a teacher's assistant in the face said Wednesday that he was protecting his 15-year-old daughter, who had accused the man of inappropriately touching her.

Dave Swafford, 42, was charged with felony battery on a school employee after he hit the 35-year-old aide in front of a class full of students at Lakewood Ranch High School near Bradenton on Tuesday morning, authorities said. ...

The man has been employed by the school district since 1999 and has a clean personnel record, Nanney said. His primary job is "time-out" teacher, overseeing in-school suspension. ...

"I wanted to know why the guy was in a classroom teaching after my daughter came forward," he said.
I never heard of a time-out teacher.

School Officials say that the girl made the whole story up.

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