Saturday, January 07, 2006

Crazy Florida divorce

Florida news:
SANFORD, Fla. -- Sally Erickson and Renzie Davidson thought they had the secret to marital bliss. But the eccentric list of demands outlined in their prenuptial agreement, which included mandatory backrubs and a $5 fee for nagging, still couldn't save their marriage.

Now Erickson, 61, is suing Davidson, 62, for allegedly divorcing her in secret more than two years ago, according to Seminole County court records.

Before saying 'I do' in 2001, the Florida couple agreed to a quirky prenuptial agreement. Erickson, a mental-health counselor, promised to cook breakfast a minimum of three times during the weekdays, and once on the weekends, according to the document.

"In return, Davidson will not wake Sally up on her 'off days,"' the document said.
Note that the wife is a "mental-health counselor".

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