Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Gender issues and therapy

A reader writes:
You obviously have gender issues and need therapy. To post your "thoughts" about your co-parenting problems on a website, which your children have access to and have witnessed you writing, is defacto parental alienation.
I have been to 8 experts in connection with my divorce case, and none said that I needed therapy. The closest was Dr. Bret Johnson, who recommended psychotherapy. But under cross-examination, he admitted that he didn't find that I had any need for it. He just recommended it as a way of forcing compliance with his custody recommendation. (Johnson was the gay psychologist whose only expertise is in getting gay men out of the closet. He moonlights doing child custody evaluations for the local court. As far as I was able to determine, he knows nothing about child rearing or custody.)

My kids are already fully aware of my ex-wife's co-parenting problems. They see them first-hand.

If I wanted to badmouth my ex-wife to the kids, I would do it directly. I could tell many stories that are far worse than anything that I have posted here.

The kids know, of course, that my ex-wife has spent a year and a half in an open and public legal struggle to get sole legal custody of them. They also know that I have opposed her legal actions, asked for 50-50 custody, and sought to remain involved in their lives. They know that the court ordered massive disruptions to their lives based on my ex-wife's demands, but that the court ultimately decided that her demands had no merit. It was neither possible or desirable for me to prevent the kids from learning these things.

I realize that there are a lot of feminists who think that fathers should just pay mother-support, and not truly be parents for their children. I disagree. Those feminists probably think that I have "gender issues".

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Anonymous said...

Appears that your wife is writing on your blog again.....Apparantly she isn't satisfied with trying to take your children away and having you pay for her boyfriend's morgage and upkeep - I wish you the best of luck protecting your children and your rights as a father this coming new year.