Monday, January 30, 2006

Florida paternity fraud

Florida news:
A House committee has unanimously approved a bill that would let a man end his child-support obligation if he proves he's not the biological father. ...

As it is now, the bill does not include an amendment that a court could grant relief to the man only if it found that doing so would be in the best interests of the child.

Sen. Al Lawson, D-Tallahassee, said his Senate bill will include that amendment.

"I don't think I can pass that bill in the Senate without that amendment," Lawson said.
So the mother is sexually unfaithful, falsely names the wrong father, defrauds the man out of child support payments, deprives the child of his true biological father, and some judge is going to reward her for it by granting her 18 years of court-ordered support payments? And rationalize it by claiming that it is in the best interests of the child?

I think that paternity fraud should be a felony, and the best interests of the child might be for the child to be raised by non-felons.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, and my ex is a felon. She's looking at IRS tax fraud fro three years running, welfare fraud (washington state turned a blind eye to this last Nov & Dec) and surprise! paternity fraud, except wait,... washington state has no law...I just have to pay her even though the kid knows I'm not his dad and we've never had a relationship of any kind. But hey, I signed the divorce papers that named I send my three childrens college money to her,..what a rip off!