Monday, August 01, 2005

Seeing a new shrink

I have an appointment with the new court-appointed psychologist today. He wants a $2k retainer. He's probably used to unhappy clients who don't want to pay.

He has already told me that my wife has a different story about the scope of the psychological. It appears that my wife wants to be able to badmouth me to the psychologist, but doesn't want to be evaluated herself. I guess I'll have to be prepared to show him a transcript of what the judge said.


Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure how naive these people can be, especially since supposedly they are specialists with divorce cases.... Of course your wife is going to badmouth you, she is the one who left you to be with her affair boyfriend and wants to keep the kids and get as much money as possible from you so that she doesn't have to work.... Duh, it is in her best interest to say whatever she can to make a case for herself so that no one will look at her transgressions, lifestyle/moral choices etc. Obviously she is going after what she hopes is a big pay-load from you since she is putting such a great emphasis on discovery etc. If she makes you the bad-guy, then no one will look at poor little her who betrayed the wedding vows to sleep around with some hotty, and now wants you to pay for her to play... And what about all her choices to bring your 2 young girls into a household of single men, overnight and on extended vacations to who knows where, and hiring babysitters so that she can get some booty call instead of letting you spend extra time with your own kids! You need a lawyer to sift through this mess and represent your side better. Go after her - she is no innocent.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why your wife is talking to your psychologist? Isn't this an obvious conflict of interest? Talk to the judge about this, this can't be legal....Definitely insist to the judge that your wife complete paranting classes and her own psych. eval. before proceeding further with custody discussion or any payment settlements - this should be a process to support the BOTH of you. Do you not have a lawyer? Courts are biased against this for whatever reason.... You would be best served to find a lawyer - you may spend a bit upfront, but you could save so much in the long run! Good Luck.

George said...

The judge ordered a psychologist to evaluate whether we can coparent, and whether we are crazy. He's not really my psychologist, but a court-appointed psychologist with a task to write a report to the court.

My wife wants to try to convince the psychologist that I am crazy. I guess she'll get her chance.

No, I do not have a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you can use the fact that your wife is badmouthing you so intensely to your advantage....Inform the judge regarding this. It is not healthy for young children to be around a parent who is so manipulatingly negative about the other - it fosters unease, confusion, and sadness in the children. She seems to have a real selfish meaness problem here - she wants your money, wants the kids, and wants to sleep around while still married and take the kids with her to be a new "family" with the other guy while you foot the bill as she plays house somewhere else... If even a part of what you write is true, she is sick herself and in need of some serious intervention before your girls get really messed up. (Does she by chance drink alot or do drugs? Does her new boyfriend? If so, this can work to your advantage when deciding custody...) Do you have family that can help you??? Perhaps a strong healthy female roll model in your mother, a sister, or an aunt? Do you have any mutual friends that can be a positive witness on YOUR behalf?

George said...

I appreciate your suggestions, but the family court does not apply common sense very well. If it did, then it would dispose of cases much more efficiently, and we wouldn't hear so many horror stories.

The system requires the father to have a lot of patience. Now, all I can do is to convince the latest court-appointed shrink that I am not crazy. Then I'll go plead my case with the judge again.