Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Index for this site

My ex-wife wrote the following index of this blog for Dr. Inkblot.
Names Identified and Corresponding Web Page Dates

Jennifer Gray (my attorney): Oct. '04-10,16,22; Feb. '05-17; May '05.-4, 20, 30; June '05-27, 28, 30; July '05-7, 25, 29; Aug. '05-4, 6.

Bruce Travers (a.k.a. boyfriend, and later named on May 30, '05): Feb. '05-16; April '05¬29; May '05-6, 15, 30; June '05-23; July '5-25; Aug. '05-5.

Tony Eberwein (my father): Oct. '04-12; May '05-4.

Dr. Bret Johnson (Court Evaluator): Nov. '04-6, 7; Feb '05-15, 23, 25; May '05-8; June '05-4, 7; Aug. '05-4.

Dr. Melissa Berrenge (Court Mediator): Feb. '05-15.

Dr. Jason Camera (witness): Mar. '05-26; June '05-28.

Maria Agnes M. (witness): June '05-14.

Michaela (babysitter): May '05-15.

Judge Thomas E. Kelly (1st Judge): May '05-27; July '05-4; Aug. '05-3, 4.

Judge William Kelsey (2nd Judge): Nov. '04-16,17.

Irwin H. Joseph (a.k.a. Junk Justice Joseph 3rd and Current Judge): June '05-29; July '05-27, 29; Aug. '05-3, 4, 7.

Dr. Igor Inkblot (...): Aug. '05-1, 2, 4, 6, 7. See also Nov. '04-21.
I guess she realized that he'd be overwhelmed by all the pages, and wanted to make it easier for him to look up postings. I think that he will have a better understanding of this case, if he actually reads all this stuff.

It is curious that she acknowledges that Bruce Travers is her boyfriend. She also gave Dr. Inkblot some papers in which she denied that she had a boyfriend.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it may be in your favor that your wife is trying to get the Dr and the judges etc to read your blog - it demonstrates just how maliciously obsessed she is at "getting" you.... Hers is NOT the actions of a loving mother trying to do all that she can to PEACEFULLY settle with the father of her children an arrangement that is good for all. She seems super selfish and vindictive and manipulative. Your blog is a healthy space for you to vent your frustrations at the system and the hell that you are in right now as a result of your wife breaking her marriage vows and leaving you for some other guy. It's simple. She wants the new guy, the kids so that she can pretend that the new guy and her and the kids are one happy family unit, and I am sure, she wants your money - as much as she can get.... Good deal for her, raw deal for you, and really an unfortunate sad deal for your kids who she is using as pawns because regardless of any problems she had sleeping in a bed with you and her huge shoulders, the kids I am sure love you and need you in their lives as much as possible - not just a couple days a month. Ask her if she would want to have a relationship with her new boy-friend if she only got to see him 4 times a month! She is mean. This is hopefully what the doctor should read and see from your blog - the truth that she is the one with malicious vindictive angry selfish destructive intentions and temperment, and that perhaps she is the one that needs hard core evaluation before being left for long times with your daughters!!!! Think about it. Do you want your young daughters to have this behavior as their female role-model? Already she is teaching them that it is ok to cheat on your husband, leave him, and then shack up with the new guy while playing unfair vicious to get as much from the husband as possible - this is definitely a cliche type of woman in Ameica today - and it is not a good one. Is this what is best for your daughters? Ask Dr. Inkblot that. If he asks you about your blog, show him some of the comments and then tell him, this is why you write.... hopefully this will help.

George said...

Thanks for your comments.

The pscyhologist could just ask me for my experiences and opinions, if he wanted. If he wants to read them on the blog, that's okay with me.