Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Lawyer email to court

My wife's lawyer, Ms. Gray, just sent me a copy of an email to the court's in-house psychologist:
Dr. Berrenge:
The court appointed Dr. Inkblot to conduct the psychological evaluations in this matter. Could you please draft an order for the court to forward to Dr. Inkblot? As you know, the parties would like to begin this process as quickly as possible.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
(I changed the name of Dr. Inkblot.) The email was addressed to Dr. Berrenge at Ms. Gray's law firm! So either Dr. Berrenge has an email account on Ms. Gray's server, or it is a mistake. If it were a mistake, then it should have bounced, and I should soon get a copy of the resent message.

The message is useless anyway. Dr. Berrenge is on vacation. The judge told us to get started, and not wait for the written court order. And the email does not include the critical info that the judge requires, namely the 3 questions listed below.

I can only guess that Ms. Gray is trying to manipulate the process somehow. I think I'll just ignore it.


Anonymous said...

ARE you crazy?......

George said...

Am I crazy? That is what the psychologist is supposed to determine.

Perhaps you think that I am foolish to ignore the lawyer's attempt to manipulate the system. Maybe I should catalog every little dishonest tactic from my wife's lawyer, and present it to the court. Somehow, I think that the court already knows that the lawyers are crooks, and doesn't care.