Friday, August 19, 2005

Back from the trip

I just got back from a couple of trips with the kids.

I visited Dr. Inkblot again. He said that he met with my ex-wife, and that she gave him a big list of complaints about me. She also gave him 100s of pages of documents, in addition to the 500 or so pages that she already gave him. He said that she even gave him a couple of articles that my mom wrote, and claimed that I secretly ghost-wrote them.

I also got this proposed court order from Jennifer Gray (the lawyer) in today's mail:
10. Other(specify): Respondent may take the minor children for an uninterrupted two week vacation in August 2005. During the vacation, the minors shall be in daily communication with the Petitioner; Petitioner shall receive an itinerary one week in advance of the vacation, which shall include all telephone numbers and address where the minors will be during the vacation.
The trip is over. We went to St. Louis and Santa Barbara. I will return the kids on Sunday afternoon when the 2 weeks is over. I am not sure why she now wants me to sign off on a court order that is moot anyway.

If my ex-wife wanted all that stuff about the trip, she could have just done those things when she took the kids on a trip, and then just asked me to do the same. But no, she'd rather have some after-the-fact court order to make me do things that she'd never do.

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