Monday, August 22, 2005

Extra day with the kids

My ex-wife had asked me to give her the kids at 5:00 yesterday, when the 2 weeks was to be over. She called yesterday at 3:30 pm, and said that she wanted them back the next day. No problem. I'll drop them off at 5:00 today.

It is odd that she petitioned the court to deny me my 2 weeks with the kids, and then leaves them with me for a 15th day. I just hope she doesn't complain to the court that I kept them for an extra day.


Anonymous said...

I would bet money that she only gave you the extra day because she wanted to go somewhere with her boyfriend and wasn't going to be back until later than originally arranged...! So, to play, she will break her own "rules"; but to let you spend time bonding and loving your girls, she will fight you in court - (I'm sure you did her a favor looking after the girs one more day so that she could do something "adults only" with her honey)... I also wouldn't be surprised if you could present at least 100 pages to any Dr. Inkblot regarding her shortcomings and destructive behaviors which are ultimately unhealthy for the girs..... You BOTH should leave itineraries and contact numbers of trips with your children when away from the other, especially out of state - not just you for her, and not her for you - what is she thinking?.....

George said...

Yes, she probably had some plans for the day. I just don't see how she can tell the court that 14 days is bad but 15 days is okay.

I have always given her itineraries and contact numbers. I do it whether she does or not.