Thursday, August 04, 2005

Order went to shrink

I just got an email from the local in-house court psychologist:
The Court Order went out today to Dr. Inkblot.
The email was in response to my wife's lawyer's email, and was dated about three hours into the future. I guess she hasn't set the date properly on her computer.

The strange thing is that the order went directly to the psychologist without me even seeing it. Dr. Inkblot (a pseudonym) is not within the jurisdiction of the court. The court can order me and my wife to do things, but not Dr. Inkblot. Now I'll have to see Dr. Inkblot, and he'll wonder why my instructions do not match the judge's order. I'll have to tell him that I haven't even seen the order.

Oh well, Dr. Inkblot looks like he is old enough that he has seen a lot of messed up cases before.

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