Sunday, August 07, 2005

Order appointing the shrink

I just got this from the court:
1. Name ... private child custody evaluator (name): Igor Inkblot, PhD
is appointed to perform a full or partial child custody evaluation in this matter under

2. The scope of the evaluation is (specify):
To assess:
1. Do the parents have the ability to co-parent?
2. Are there any personality disorders or other mental illness that would impair parenting? What is the recommended treatment or solutions to these issues.
3. Are there any other psychological or behavioral issues that the Court should consider in determining what arrangement is in the best interest of the children.
3. Within 10 court days of receipt of this order and prior to commencing the evaluation, the child custody evaluator must file a Declaration of Child Custody Evaluator Regarding Qualifications (form FL 326) with the court, unless the person is a court connected employee who must annually file the Declaration of Child Custody Evaluator Regarding Qualifications (FL 326).
So the judge is appointing someone with child custody evaluator qualifications, and he is calling it a child custody evaluation, but he is not asking for a child custody recommendation.

In court, Judge Joseph said it this way:
THE COURT: So what we want to do is have a professional come to some conclusions with regard to a few issues. One issue is: Are the two of you able to co-parent? ...

I want a full psych evaluation. Additionally, I want to determine whether there are any personality disorders that may get in the way of co-parenting. And also learn what solutions are available for those issues if they do exist. And lastly -

THE FATHER: That's for both of us?

THE COURT: So far the order includes you but it should be clear that both parents are participating in the psychological evaluation. I can call it family psych eval if you'd like. Does that make it more clear to you?

THE FATHER: But the psychologist will be determining if I have any personality disorders and [my wife] has any personality disorders?



THE COURT: And then lastly, are there any other psychological issues that need attention to allow you to be better parents.
I hope that Dr. Inkblot can make sense out of this.


Anonymous said...

Just curious... Is alcholism a personality disorder or mental illness that may impair parenting?... Is it a wise idea to have children care taken by adults with severe alcohol dependancies/daily consumption?...How much does your wife drink? And her boyfriend?

When my wife left me, she shacked up with another guy pretty much immediately, he had a horrible alcohol problem - in order to spend time with him, she became quite the drinker herself in an attempt to "socially" fit in with his daily consumption.... Needless to say, I was livid that my 3 boys had to spend time in that house-hold under such circumstances. Often the kids were left alone to play for hours by themselves at his house, while she and her honey went downstairs to drink and have "private time" - which my kids could hear through the walls - apparantly my wife became quite the screamer with the new guy.... sigh. Unfortunately, when my 10 year old boy came home with a play-boy magazine that the boyfriend had given him, I had no rights to limit visits based on what I believed to be a completely unacceptable and irresponsible act - shared custody can really suck at times. The judge couldn't do anything about the magazine, but he was apalled at the drinking - I got sole custody until she completed a treatment program, counseling for her low-self esteem issues, and promised not to bring the boys into the other guys home until he completed a similar program. He refused, picked the booze over the broad, and now as a single non-dating mom, she spends so much more quality time with the boys, and the boys are really enjoying being her priority now!

Anonymous said...

One of the things that Michael Jackson was accused of was showing porn magazines to the boys... Maybe it's a state by state thing, but I think giving porn. materials to a minor is illegal. I'd be concerned if either high alcohol consumption was happening at the house that my kids spent some of their time, or if their was any accessible porn in magazines, movies etc. I would ask the judge if he/she could make it a stipulation that the kids, especially girls, not be permitted to spend sleep-over time or long visitations in any household where there was a porn collection of any kind. Just think of the types of guys who get off on such a thing - they may be charming, spend money lavishly, and say "I Love You", but underneath they tend to have real problems with respecting women and treating them beyond objects of desire and door prizes. No place for young sons or daughters!

If you have any concerns about the house that your ex-wife is bringing your daughters to sleep over at and with who, I suggest you call child services to check things out - they can do a surprise inspection and see if there is any evidance of lifestyles that may be harmful to young impressionable children.