Saturday, August 06, 2005

Paper-bombing the shrink

My ex-wife's lawyer has just mailed about 500 pages of court-related documents to the new court-appointed psychologist. I am not sure what she is trying to accomplish. Most of the documents are irrelevant to the psychologist's task.

In court last week, Ms. Gray asked the judge to require me to give her copies of whatever documents I might give the psychologist. However, Ms. Gray did not give me a copy of what she sent him. She just sent me the cover letter.

The psychologist charges $220 per hour. It is very unlikely that he will actually read all the boring transcripts and try to make sense out of them.

What my ex-wife really wants to do is to resuscitate unsubstantiated and false charges that the court rejected. She is hoping that she will do her little cry act before the psychologist, and that he will be gullible enough to fall for it. We shall soon see.

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