Tuesday, August 23, 2005

More domestic violence allegations

My ex-wife has dumped her domestic violence allegations on Dr. Inkblot, the new court-appointed psychologist. I thought that she had dropped that nonsense. Here is a complaint:
3. George continuously interrupted my sleeping. ... After I adjusted to his sleeping patterns by moving my head to the end of the bed near his feet so that I would have more room for my shoulders, he would complain that I didn't like to sleep with him, and that I needed to learn how to sleep with my husband.
Yeah, she needed to learn to sleep with her husband. Or relearn. She slept with me just fine for the first several years. She also complains:
5. Insisted that I leave the car keys in the car ignition, instead of on my body.
Yes, I did ask her to leave the car keys in the car when it was parked in the garage. That's what I did. The problem was that sometimes I'd want to go somewhere, and I'd be unable to find the car keys because she had pocketed them. Leaving them in the car seemed like a practical solution to me.

Here's another one:
7. When I try to leave his house with the children, frequently George follows us to the car, and hangs inside a car doorway. We can't leave until he decides to shut the door. This could take a couple of minutes.
Maybe I loved my family and I wanted to say goodbye to them?

This stuff goes on for many pages. Keep in mind that these are domestic violence allegations. Go figure. I am not the crazy one.

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Anonymous said...

The fact that your wife sees these things as "abusive" speaks more about her mental instability than yours! I hope that you are standing up for yourself and pointing out all the "crazy" stuff she is doing. I mean, sleeping backwards in bed because she needs shoulder room? come on - this seems psychotic to me - I bet she has no problem sleeping next to her new honey.... I wouldn't be surprised if she purposely began these odd "reactions" to you as a pre-meditated act to later try to use against you in court. You have already clearly indicated that she started seeing her current boyfriend while she was still living with you, before she filed for divorce - and, you indicate that she is attempting to get lots of money from you as well as keeping the kids away from you - she seems like a malicious, selfish, sicko - make sure that she does not go unseen by a doctor in this process!!!!! Your children need you take action - be a good father, and don't let this crazy woman get away with such nonsense.