Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My ex-wife withholds the kids

I just got out of court. It was just a status meeting. We are waiting for Dr. Inkblot to write his report, and for Jennifer Gray, my ex-wife's lawyer, to get her financial claims in order. So there was nothing to do but to schedule another court date. I asked for a date in a month. The judge said that was reasonable, but then Miss Gray suggested 6 weeks. So the judge told us to come back in 5 weeks. Miss Gray volunteered to tell Dr. Inkblot about the court date.

Outside the courtroom, I asked my ex-wife about getting the kids, as I am scheduled to get them on Wednesdays until 7:00 pm. She said that the kids were at a friend's house, according to a babysitting arrangement. I asked where, and offered to pick them up. She refused to tell me where, and said that me picking them up would interfere with the deal that she had made with her babysitter.

She asked me to propose something more reasonable. I asked her what the deal was with the babysitter. She said that she didn't have to tell me, and she wasn't going to tell me. After a couple of more attempts, I finally gave up and just asked her to drop off the kids whenever they are ready. Miss Gray observed the conversation, but was no help.

I don't know when I'll see the kids today. My guess is that I'll see them sometime before dinner, so my ex-wife won't have to make dinner for them. I had an activity planned for them today, but that is now impossible.

I am no longer able to figure out why my ex-wife does stuff like this. Surely, it is costing her time, money, and effort to place the kids with a babysitter instead of just letting me have them for the day.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you do not take these events to the judge to deal with. If you get the girls on Wednesday, then that is that, your wife has no right to make other arrangements with babysitters, friends etc. - Stand up for yourself and your rights as a father. Don't just be an Angry Dad, be a Dad of action! Your wife has no problem giving the judge pages of things she believes that you do that are "wrong" - so fight back! Document every thing that she does that is contradictory to the agreements. From coming home a day late to pick up the girls because she was on a trip with her boyfriend, or not letting you pick up the girls on your ONE day to have them - this is unacceptable!!! She knows that Wednesday is your day, so, there should be no conflicts scheduled by her - never! Get the judge to put something in writing, and then make her abide by it under penalty of the court. Fight for your rights!!!!!!!!!!!

George said...

She showed up at my house, unannounced, at 1:20 pm today with the kids. By luck, I got back from lunch about 5 minutes later and she hadn't left yet. She may complain to the court that I wasn't home when she decided to show up. Sigh.