Friday, March 27, 2015

Feminist reporters exhilarated by lawsuit

The feminists are all excited about the Ellen Pao lawsuit against the Si Valley venture capitalists. Look at how NPR Radio reports it:
CORNISH: You've been writing that equal rights advocates have been waiting for a lawsuit to kind of bring out into the open the gender bias in Silicon Valley. But you questioned whether this case was the one to do it.

TIKU: I mean, I think that it's exhilarating that she filed this lawsuit and that we are able to get so much information. But I think a lot of it is just how you interpret these things. I mean, it's about the subtle sexism in the workplace, you know, maybe even unconscious bias. So that's where I think that people who are looking for a big win, for a definitive statement about sexism in Silicon Valley, aren't going to get it with this trial just because it's so particular to her situation. But that doesn't mean that this isn't progress and this isn't, you know, a potentially different era.
So they are exhilarated by the discrimination lawsuit, but disappointed that no one found any explicit discrimination.

We should have a jury verdict soon. The venture capitalists have famous for being extreme rich from investments, and for being jerks to lots of people. So I am expecting a verdict of $2M or so from the possibility of some harm. But this woman should have been fired for being a homewrecker, and does not deserve a dime.

Update: The jury has ruled against Pao on her first 3 claims, and voted 8-4 against her on the 4th. It is likely that she will get nothing out of this lawsuit.

Update: The jury finished, and Pao has lost on all counts. This is a total win for the VC firm, as it probably offered a settlement of $2M or so.

A female executive writes:
I think that regardless of the outcome, Ellen Pao's lawsuit is frivolous and moreover, a setback for professional women. ...

A job is an exchange of services on one side for compensation on the other. If that exchange is not working for either side, then move on. ...

If Pao wins her lawsuit — and frankly, even just from her bringing such a lawsuit to bear — she actually creates an additional handicap for women to overcome. It will give those in Silicon Valley and elsewhere pause and concern when hiring women because of an unfair potential liability. Why hire someone who you are concerned could sue you by playing the gender card if things didn't work out?
I expect the feminists to say that this lawsuit only proves how bad the discrimination is -- that women cannot get remedies in court, and that the discrimination is so subtle and unconscious that it cannot be proved.


Anonymous said...

Love the comment about "unconscious bias." Let's take punitive action for what they don't even know they're doing.

All sorts of people aren't adequately recognized for their efforts. The solution to that problem is in the marketplace. If your boss or your company doesn't value what you do, take a hike. The best revenge is doing well elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I noticed there was little to no media coverage last week when Kleiner Perkins was on the stand defending their case. Pao's testimony got all the press attention. Talk about "unconscious bias".

I'm involved in a tech private equity venture and based on this lawsuit and the sister FB and Twitter suits my partners and I decided we will not bring on board any women as associates or partners. Too much exposure to the "gender card" if they don't like things. As a small firm we're able to do this, couldn't if we were the size of a KP.

Sorry ladies, but some of your sisters are ruining it for you. If you want to swim with the sharks then you better learn the strokes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the jury thought she was all wet and floundering.

Anonymous said...

not out of the woods yet with this tactic, there's still the Facebook and Twitter lawsuits filed for the same basic "causes". But the outcome is good news.