Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wisdom of Rush

I occasionally listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio defending right-wing views. He has many views on Republican politics, most of which are off-topic for this blog. But he has a coherent ideological basis.

To him, the Right wing believes in individual and family autonomy, while the Left wing believes in dependency. The Right focuses on facts and results, and the Left on feelings and intents. He sides with the Right.

If you think this is unfair, just listen to him. He elaborates on this with examples nearly everyday.

People who praise Pres. Obama, for his handling of health care, or Ferguson cops, or Syria, or almost anything else, do so primarily for his intent, not his results. Rush demands to look at results.

This is also a difference between male and female thinking. Men look at facts and results, while women look at feelings and intents. Yesterday Rush was illustrating this with political campaign statements by Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton.

Your typical leftist Obama supporter can listen to Rush and not understand a word he is saying. They simply do not understand his worldview. I have seen it myself in people I know. Leftists rarely think for themselves; they just get connected to like-minded allies, and parrot what they say.

Likewise, I doubt that this blog persuades any of the supporters of the family court or CPS systems. They do not understand male thinking. Yes, I know some of them are men, but they are probably Obama supporters with low testosterone and low critical thinking skills.

A consistent theme of this blog is that the family court should not have the authority to micro-manage peoples' personal lives. You can be prosecuted for crimes that written in the statutes, if properly noticed and proved, but no judge or psychologist should be able to tell you to do something based on his own personal prejudices about the Best Interest Of The Child (BIOTCh). I guess that is a right-wing or libertarian view. Several years ago I would have said that it was an American view that is broadly held. Apparently not.

Update: I just heard Rush calling BS on this:
While the case involving a student the magazine identified as "Jackie" has been suspended for lack of evidence, "that doesn’t mean that something terrible did not happen" to her that night in September 2012, Timothy J. Longo, chief of police in Charlottesville, Va., said during a news conference.

"We are just not able to gather sufficient facts to conclude what that something may have been."
Rush is correct that the Jackie UVa story waa conclusively proved false, and the Left's preoccupation with this story shows that they disregard the facts.


Just Saying said...

the Left's preoccupation with this story shows that they disregard the facts.

That is the defining feature of the left - always has been, always will be. That is why you cannot "argue" with them - just walk away. If they keep annoying you, off them permanently. Plain, simple, effective...

High Arka said...

Always a breath of foul air to discover people out there who still believe that the Demoblican and Republicrat parties are somehow "different."

American Family Courts have been like this for decades. Whether or not "the Republicans" have controlled the executive, legislative, or judicial branches, they've done nothing to change this.

In the long run, Angry Dad, I wish you the best in discovering that the fools who fall for one of the faux American party spokespersons are no more or less fooled than the fools who fall for spokespersons affiliated with the "other" party.