Monday, March 23, 2015

Save Europe by destroying the family

This UK Guardian article argues that destroying the traditional family is essential to the survival of Europe, because of falling fertility rates:
Most countries in southern Europe are based on something akin to the Japanese package, with fairly rigid family norms in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Malta and Greece. There is social pressure on women not to work while their children are still young, just as it is ill-thought of to live with someone or have a baby outside wedlock. In all these countries the proportion of births outside marriage is below 30%, whereas in France, Sweden and Norway it exceeds 50%. In Japan the traditional family package clearly has a dramatic impact on fertility, with fewer than 1.4 births per woman.

The picture is very different in Scandinavia and France. “In these countries the family norm is much more flexible, with late marriages, reconstituted families, single parents, much more frequent births outside marriage and divorces than further south,” Toulemon adds. “People are far less concerned about the outlook for the family [as an institution].” The positive impact of this open-ended approach to families on fertility is borne out by the statistics, at more than 1.8 children per woman in Sweden, Norway, Finland and France.
This seems ridiculous to me, but it is out of my expertise.

I think that Japan is overpopulated, and their low birth rate is a good thing. France has boosted its population by bringing in millions of Moslem immigrants, with disastrous results. Same with Sweden and other Euro countries.

We are in the midst of a vast demographic experiment. I am predicting that in 50 years, Japan will be a civilized country that will be very happy it resisted the immigrant repopulation plans being undertaken by France, Sweden, and Korea.

The Atlantic magazine asks Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe? While they are always complaining about whites, Christians, and nationalists, the real problem is Moslem immigration.

Whatever problems Europe has, I don't think that they are going to be solved by immigrants having illegitimate babies on welfare.

If I am wrong, then the future does not belong to the free and autonomous white families that have marked American history. It will look more like black ghettos, where welfare queens do all the breeding while being visited by a series of men who are in between jail and jobs to pay child support debt.

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