Thursday, March 12, 2015

NASCAR reverses itself

I blasted NASCAR for treating a man as guilty-until-proven-innocent, so I should credit them with reversing themselves after the man is proven innocent. AP reports:
Kurt Busch was cleared Wednesday to get back in his race car and attempt to rebuild a career that was halted two days before the Daytona 500 when NASCAR suspended him for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

''It's been torture sitting out of the car,'' Busch said in a conference call. He called the allegations against him ''a complete fabrication.''

''I never did anything of the things I was accused of,'' he added. ''I never wavered in this whole process because of the confidence in the truth.'' ...

He said he will replace his longtime nickname ''The Outlaw'' with his signature above the door of his car.

Busch remains on indefinite probation. ...

Last week, the Delaware attorney general declined to charge Busch for the incident with Driscoll - a move O'Donnell said ''removed a significant impediment'' to reinstatement. ...

Busch has also complied with NASCAR's reinstatement requirements, the terms of which have not been disclosed. O'Donnell said a health care expert recommended Busch's immediate return.
A comment says:
That's all well and good NASCAR BUT you still owe Kurt an apology for suspending him for nothing! Now make it right and let's move on
Another says:
He was evaluated by a health care expert (who advised his immediate return) why? Is his health a question? And she obtained a restraining order against him, when SHE came to his trailer and he has and wants nothing to do with her? I have followed this story since its inception and can see no reason why Busch was suspended in the first place. Yes he's a hot-head and has prior anger problems we all know about, but this thing with Driscoll is nothing more than "he said, she said" bullshite

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