Sunday, March 01, 2015

Juvenile judge tries to silence a critic

The Geauga County Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman criticized a juvenile court judge in a private email for being "narcissist and mentally ill. Also, that he is a chameleon who takes revenge on people who disagree with him." So what does the judge do when he gets wind of it? He holds her in contempt of court!

The judge defends himself:
“Nancy McArthur improperly interfered with an ongoing (juvenile court matter) by making factually false statements about the competency and legal proficiency of the juvenile court judge … to a known party in that case,” Grendell told the Maple Leaf on Monday.

“Ms. McArthur’s conduct jeopardizes sensitive judicial proceedings that involve protection of a (juvenile),” the judge said.

Grendell said he would not discuss juvenile cases in the media.

“However, the court also will not allow Nancy McArthur or anyone else with a personal political agenda to jeopardize child safety in Geauga County by undermining the credibility and integrity of the juvenile court and the court’s ability to administer justice and protect children in pending … cases,” he added.
There is more info here.

This judge is way way way out of line to try to silence someone's free speech to comment on a public official. He will lose, of coursee.

I post this because the judge would have to have been bullying people for many years in order to get this arrogant, and because he defends himself by claiming to protect children. Whenever I here someone talking about protecting children, it is nearly always a scheme to do the opposite.

Someone once said Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. No, I think that protecting children is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

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