Thursday, March 26, 2015

Huff Post says better to be a single mom

Kerri Zane advertises herself as a "Single Mom Lifestyle Expert" and explains in the Huff Post:
Although the gold standard in child rearing has traditionally been a dual family unit, being a single parent has a myriad of benefits. Rather than navigating the treacherous territory of constant parental compromise, you can independently make choices for your children that you feel is best. Eleven years ago, when my former husband and I split, I saw my divorce as a glorious opportunity to parent solo. ...

In fact, based on the latest Census Bureau statistics, there are over 14 million single parent households with children under the age of 18. That is a lot of people and a good reason to celebrate. Which is why, March 21 has been designated as National Single Parent's Day. ...

I would like to honor the day and offer you five solid reasons why it's better to be a single mom or dad then half of a parenting pair.
Return of Kings
Here are Zane’s five excuses she uses to justify her terrible life choices and convince you to do the same:

1. You always get your way
2. You Can Encourage Your Daughters To Pursue An Inflated Ego
3. Teach Your Children To Die Alone
4. You Get To Be A Slut!
5. It Motivates You To Lose 30 Pounds

Apparently Zane is so self-focused that attracting new dick is more motivating than pleasing the man she promised forever and ever. Maybe she’s losing so much weight because now she has to work an actual job instead of watching Lifetime tv movies all day.
The best way to handle the inevitable life shifts is to stay positive, reach out for support from your friends and family, relish the time you spend with your children and most importantly, create a daily space for some much deserved me-time.
If this doesn’t summarize the narcissistic entitlement of the author, I don’t know what does.
Her advice would have been considered nutty a few years ago. Now it reflects the breakdown in our society.


Anonymous said...

Single moms are better!

They just need to stay the F away from me and my money and we'll be in agreement.

Anonymous said...

Presumably her children aren't teenagers if she always gets her way.