Thursday, September 05, 2013

Brewington to be released from prison

Fellow angry dad Dan Brewington is scheduled to be released today. I think he got some time off for good behavior. His sppeal is still pending, and I think that his conviction will be partially reversed on free speech grounds. In my opinion, he vigorously and legally complained about corrupt treatment in the family court, and was imprisoned for it.

He is a hero for standing up for himself and his kids, and is a martyr to the cause of family court reform.

The Indiana supreme court is hearing oral arguments next week (Sept. 12) on whether Dan was just exercising his constitutional free speech rights. My guess is that the court will find a contorted argument for upholding Dan's conviction, and also say that the lower court's overbroad interpretation of the law is unconstitutional. Yes, that would be hypocritical and dishonest, but to the kind of judges who sit on these courts, it is not as bad as admitting that Dan was wrongly incarcerated for wanting to see his kids, and not as bad as having liberal ACLU law professors say that Indiana is a leader in suppressing free speech.

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