Monday, September 23, 2013

Divorced woman shaves one leg

Off-topic, but I was amused by this woman seeking advice:
I divorced my husband of six years this spring, and even though the initial excitement of a new lease on life was exhilarating, I have found actuality to be just dreary and dismal. I fear I am spiraling downward and I have no way to stop it. My friends have given me some support, but I really don’t think they fully understand the depth of my despair. I really don’t know if I am reacting normally to this life change or if I need some help. When I pleasure myself (which unfortunately has been necessary since the split), I always end up in tears because it reinforces how lonely I am. Recently, I have even taken to only shaving one leg so when I lie in bed at night I feel like a man is next to me. Should I expect this sort of reaction even after close to a year of mentally ending my marriage?
And here is a man who is headed for either divorce or a lifetime of misery.

And this is news to me:
“My son is gay,” the mother said. “Gay people don’t shoot kids. Certain men don’t shoot kids.”


Anonymous said...

"And here is a man who is headed for either divorce or a lifetime of misery."

Did you leave some story out between the woman with the hairy leg and the one with the gay son?

George said...

Oops. I'd had a lot of trouble with images lately. I have re-posted the daddy to-do list.