Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Indiana hears dad's free speech case

The Indian supreme court has agreed to hear oral arguments on whether to hear the appeal of the case of fellow angry dad Dan Brewington (more info at DanHelpsKids). I have written about his case several times. He lost his kids and was sent to prison for criticizing the judge and psychologist. Oral argument is scheduled for Sept. 12.

This is an important case for the right of citizens to expose incompetence and corruption in public official. What Breington exposed was similar to what I exposed here about Irwin H. Joseph and Ken B. Perlmutter. Those are people who would be rotting in prison if there were any justice.


Anonymous said...

His blog says, "Dan will be finished with his jail sentence September 4, 2013 so I guess he can go to his own oral arguments. We are disappointed that Dan had to spend 2 1/2 years in jail for something that he didn't believe was against the law but we will move forward."

Even if he wins this case, it will be a pyrrhic victory. Yes, the judges and prosecutor who conspired to take away his children and freedom should take his place in prison.

George said...

That's right, the most he is likely to win is a new trial on one of the charges. The conviction on the other charges will likely stick. He will have completed his sentence. And he has no chance of getting his kids back.

Anonymous said...

This happens all the time.

There are so many people held in jail awaiting trial or held in jail and who win an appeal well into or after their sentences are over.

Look at OJ, if he wins his appeal, he will have been jailed for years.

Americans are guaranteed a speedy trial (and that has been corrupted to be less than speedy) but nobody is guaranteed a speedy appeal.