Friday, September 27, 2013

Advice to leave husband who likes computer games

I often post newspaper advice to show the sorry state of modern American women. If they seek advice, they will usually get advice that anti-men and anti-family. Here is the latest pro-divorce advice from Dear Margo:
Dear Margo: My 32-year-old husband has been playing computer war games for more than two years now. He has also installed a TV in nearly every room.

He started this behavior about six months before we got married, which made it very difficult to get his attention on wedding details. ...

After I had our son, I honestly thought he would adjust his schedule to find time for his family. This, disappointingly, did not happen. Now our son is 9 months old. When my husband comes home from work, he'll hold the baby, but he either watches TV or plays on the computer while doing it. ...

I've told him we need to go to family counseling and was given a resounding "no way." ... — Neglected

Dear Neg: Given what you outline, I think a proper response to "no way" is "goodbye."
Get a clue. Most men would rather play computer war games than to fuss over wedding details. There is a reason why wedding planners are gay. One bridezilla said, No-one can be skinner than the bride. (That one may be a joke, I am not sure.)

This wife is extremely selfish. Her husband work hard all day to support the family, and he biggest complaint is that when he comes home, he watches TV while holding the baby?! What is wrong with that?

He is right to refuse family counseling. If he puts up with some stupid shrink telling him whether it is acceptable to watch TV while holding the baby, then he as might as well get castrated.

Somehow many American women have gotten the idea that a man should work to support them all day, and then spend the rest of the day catering to her narcissistic needs. And the counseling industry tells her to seek a divorce if she does not get it all.

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