Friday, September 20, 2013

Arguments against sending daughters to college

A retro site argues:
Probably the most controversial and rejected position we have at Fix the Family is that parents should not send their daughters to college. It is even more vehemently opposed than the submission of wives to their husbands. Both of these positions we have are a threat to the trophies of the feminist agenda, so the rejection we receive is always emotionally charged and ends up insulting, since once explained logically, the opposition runs out of substance and is only left to hurl insults and presume and misconstrue this practical wisdom into some chauvinistic evil. ...

She will attract the wrong types of men.
She will be in a near occasion of sin.
She will not learn to be a wife and mother.
The cost of a degree is becoming more difficult to recoup.
I always enjoy a blog that is even more retro than mine.

I do agree that for a lot of girls, college turns them into fat sluts and they learn nothing worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

Hey, the Taliban also is against sending daughters to college, for even beyond the same reasons you write about.

And for REAL "fat sluts" go to the uneducated ghetto parts of Oakland or someplace.

George said...

You're right, the Taliban also has reasons.

Some of those Oakland girls become fat sluts before they even reach college age.