Saturday, September 07, 2013

Dad ruined by VAWA

I found this rant:
It took about three days, three days for me to go from a happy family man and small business owner celebrating my sons 10th birthday, to a homeless destitute who is broke, without his family and no idea how to continue on without the support of my friends. It took about three days to completely eviscerate the world was I knew it. ...

But the gist of the story is this, on 07-06-13, my 15-year-old daughter was having disciplinary problems, problems with authority and problems with profanity and disrespect. I, without hurting her,explained to her our roles in the father daughter paradigm. She got physically confrontational and I restrain her, all without hurting anything but her pride. Long story short when her mother and I left, she called the police, and told them a fictitious story about the encounter. Even though the police officers on the scene, after carefully examining her and questioning her, I and her mother, they not only agreed with me but sympathized with me! I was nevertheless arrested and taken to jail! It is amazing to me how the VAWA, this FEDERAL LAW, literally and intentionally violates our constitutional rights. They must arrest you with no evidence and no evidence required.
I cannot verify this, and the accusations in the court papers are not posted.


Anonymous said...

This guy is still in the early stages of learning how the family court system works. Around six weeks after I moved out is when my ex-wife-elect had the family dog euthanized because she didn't have time to walk him while doing 100% of the child care. He needs to realize that paying lots of money to lawyers is like trying to douse a fire with gasoline. He should save his money for supervised visitation and maybe for a few hours of legal advice from time to time. Eventually some of the kids might tell mom they liked it better how it was before. He can write a complaint to the bar association about the "advocate" and see if they think he was practicing law without a license.

Anonymous said...

What you abusive angry dads know about the law would fit on a pinhead. ND Supreme Court Administrative Rule 34 regarding Domestic Violence Advocates says they can "at the judge's discretion, make written or oral statements to the court." Quit whining and get busy earning a paycheck the state can garnishee to support your ex-wife and children.

Anonymous said...

VAWA - Violence Against Women Act rant makes little sense.

if his wife left him over this and took the kids, their marriage sucked and he got out cheap.