Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CPS puts toddler on drugs

A reader sent this video from last year about a CPS case. CPS was trying to terminate the parents' rights, because they got caught with some minor recreational drug use. So CPS seized the 3-year-old, and put her on Risperdal! The video is shocking. It is complete with cruel CPS policies, spineless judge, suffering parents, and incompetent case workers. Watch this, and you will wonder why anyone would ever think that CPS is better able to handle a child than the natural parents.

Some people call it irony when CPS puts a child on drugs as part of an effort to shelter her from drugs. That is way too nice of a word for those evil creeps.

I notice that all of the CPS case workers were obese women. I may be prejudiced, but it seems to me that if a woman cannot even manage her own food intake, then she should not be telling others how to run their lives. She cannot even run her own.

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