Sunday, May 13, 2012

Brewington still in jail

Fellow angry dad Dan Brewington is still in jail:
The Indiana Appellate Court denied Dan's motion for bail pending appeal. Disappointed but not surprised. The appeal that was first submitted has to be refiled because the Court denied a motion to file an oversized brief. Now the attorneys will have to cut 6,000 words from their very excellent (in my opinion) brief. We will let you know what happens next.
I said before that the fix is in. He has been jailed for his criticism of the family court on his blog. Apparently he crossed some sort of line. If this happened in China, then maybe Amnesty International would consider him a political prisoner and our State Dept. would be working for his release. I am not surprised that his brief was rejected for being too long. He probably quoted extensively from trial transcripts, and the appeals judges don't want to be bothered with the details of his trial. They just want an excuse to rubber-stamp his conviction.

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